Parents In Town

Last weekend, my parents came in town to visit me in my new home.  I was so excited!  This was the first house I had ever owned, and I wanted them to like it and be proud of me.  When they came in though, a bad thing happened…plumbing wilmington problems!

Luckily, it wasn’t the toilet, but it was the hot water heater.  That meant no cold showers for mom!  Dad didn’t care, but mom did.  I called Speedy Plumbing the moment I realized because they are the fastest plumber leland and plumber brunswick county.  They did well pump repair once at a friend’s house and that’s how I knew about them.

Starting From Scratch

I am sick of my house, and I want to build a new one.  In order to do all of the renovations I want, I might as well just build something from scratch because it would cost a fortune.  My plumbing is bad; the rooms are too small; the whole attic needs to be gutted and redone.

I’m almost positive I am going to build a new house, and in it, I want to put radiant barrier insulation, led lighting, and the pipes on the market.  I want my next house to last for generations.  I am going to call All About Energy Solutions and bring them in on the design from day one.

Use a Professional

When I want to get something done, I go to the experts.  I’m not wasting my time trying to learn how to do something that will take me five times as long and won’t be as good as an expert.  This is especially true when it comes to technology.

I don’t understand those people who try to save a buck by designing their own website.  Websites are super important.  A professional is needed.  I recommend the web hosting company Blue Label Hosting to my friends in North Carolina who need website design.  They also do mobile app development.  And if you need marketing help, they do seo and branding as well.

I Can Do This!

I am good at pretty much everything I try.  I am good at sports and art, at cooking and cleaning, at raising children and keeping my husband happy.  The one thing I can’t seem to get a handle on though is how to sell wine.

Sell wine is this weird habit I picked up years ago in college.  I needed money and rare wines for sale make a lot of it.  Sell wine collection is harder than selling a single bottle, but I try to do that as much as possible.  If you want me to sell your wine, just let me know!  Even though I’m not great, Wine-Liquidators has been teaching me a few things, and I am getting better.

Jealous Again

I have a friend who I am so jealous of.  We grew up together in the corn fields of the midwest.  Our Friday night were all about big trucks and dirt roads.  We loved the country as kids, but when Carrie turned 18, she left town and never looked back.  I stayed in our hometown and married my high school sweetheart.

Carrie went on to a very successful career in New York City, and I didn’t even go to college.  Now, she is retiring and looking for homes for sale wilmington nc.  She loves the beach so much so the people at Coastal Select Properties are also showing her carolina beach property for sale and masonboro nc real estate.

Because They Are Awesome

Do people get fences wilmington to lock themselves in or keep others out?  It’s an age old question.  The truth is, both can be true.  You can want to keep your dog or child or husband in, and you can want to keep the neighbors and burglars out.  Custom fencing can really come in handy.

Why do people get decks wilmington though?  That’s even easier to answer.  People get decks because they are awesome!  They allow you to sit outside and enjoy nature.  They allow you to watch the sunset without having to sit in the grass.  Call T&D Custom Fences today and find out how awesome they are.

Help Me

It’s time for me to do my quarterly taxes wilmington and taxes leland, and I just don’t feel like doing it.  I’m lazy this year.  I think I’m going to hire an accountant leland and accountant wilmington to help me out.  Yeah, it’s going to cost money, but it needs to happen, and I don’t want to do it.

I’m calling RJB Tax Associates because my girlfriend uses them for payroll wilmington, and she speaks very highly of them.  She says they are professional and quick, which is good since I have waited until the last minute.  I’m sure they are used to that.  No one likes doing their taxes.

Hurry Up!

When I want something done fast, I do it myself.  My husband is as slow as molasses.  He drives slow.  He eats slow.  He even goes to the bathroom slow.  Some Sundays, I don’t even see him until after noon.  Of course, I don’t really mind because he gets on my nerves anyway.

The one company I can count on to be faster than me is Speedy Plumbing.  When I need well pump repair, they are there for me.  When I need hot water heater repair, they are there for me.  They are the best plumber leland and plumber brunswick county.  When you have plumbing wilmington issues, call them.

Matching Fence and Deck

There are so many colors you can stain your decks Wilmington and your fences Wilmington.  I like the idea of staining them both the same color so you have some uniformity in your outside décor.  There are enough things going on in a yard that to have two different color schemes going would make it look busy.
When I had T&D Custom Fences design my fence and deck, I asked them to use similar patterns.  They both have curves in the design, and they both have the same size wood planks.  When it comes to custom fencing, they really know what they are doing.


I am an awesome salesman.  In fact, I could sell snow to an eskimo.  I don’t mean to brag, but let’s face it, if you are good in sales, you are probably a little bit arrogant of a person.  Sales people have to be brazen and confident, relentless and direct.  I am all those things.  They are just the gifts I was born with.
But now, I find myself selling wine collection.  I don’t really know how to sell wine, and I thought it would be easy, but it’s harder than I imagined.  Wine snobs don’t like my confidence.  They think that in order to sell wine, you have to be more refined.  I don’t care if you have rare wines for sale or not, refined is not the mark of a good salesman.  Nonetheless, I am going to call Wine-Liquidators for advice on how to sell your wine.  Maybe they can help me.