I’m Dating a Plumber

     I am always on the search for hot men.  That is pretty much my only criteria-that they are attractive.  They can be a ditch digger or a banker, a handyman or a CEO.  Recently, I met a plumber who is very hot.  I definitely don’t mind that he is a plumber.
He told me that there are so many plumber Leland and plumber Brunswick county in the area that he doesn’t get enough work.  That turned me off a little bit, but he was still so hot.  I hoped he had money for our date.
     When I asked him what kind of work he did, he said he specialized in hot water heater installation and well pump repair.  I guess the plumbing Wilmington is pretty good overall.  Still, I’d rather just date this guy and call Speedy Plumbing for the rest!

Privacy Needed

I like my privacy, what can I say?  I like being able to talk as loud as I want, to say whatever I want and to walk around naked.  For all these things, it’s best to have a privacy fence.  My friends think I don’t need one, but I bet my neighbors wish I had one.

At T&D Custom Fences, they have the best fences Wilmington and decks Wilmington in the area.  They make custom fencing so it will look great no matter the style of your house.  They can match the fence to meet any look you want.  Sounds too good to be true.

tax cheat

Bad Business?

I work for a business that doesn’t seem quite legitimate to me. For one reason, I haven’t filled out any paperwork, and my checks are written out of a personal checking account and not a business account. Another reason is the president keeps firing the accounting companies we use. Something just doesn’t add up.

I really wish my boss would use RJB Tax Associates. They are such professionals when it comes to payroll Wilmington, taxes Wilmington and taxes Leland. They are the best accountant Wilmington and accountant Leland…But maybe that’s why she’s afraid to use them. She doesn’t want to get caught!


Helping a Friend Out

Today I’m giving advice.  My sister called, and I had to tell her that she needs to be more positive.  My boss criticized me, and I had to tell her to be more constructive.  I can only wonder… who is next?

What do you know, my friend just called me and asked me how to sell wine.  What a strange question.  I guess she has rare wines for sale and wants to know how to sell wine collection.

I don’t know much about sell your wine, but I looked it up online and found Wine-Liquidators.  They help you to sell wine and get you a lot of money in the process.  Sounds like a plan to me.


No Tampons in the Toilet

I’m going to talk about something most people don’t like hearing about, especially men.  The topic is menstruation.  As in having your period.  So if you don’t like hearing about such things, stop reading now.

Well, I recently had my period, and I was over a friend’s house.  He told me not to put my tampon in his toilet because it would clog the pipes.  So, I wrapped my tampon up and threw it in the garbage can.  Well, what do you know, five minutes later the dog came out with it in his mouth.  It was awful and embarrassing, and at the same time, it was hilarious.

I told my friend if he was having plumbing Wilmington problems, then he should call a plumber Leland or plumber Brunswick country to get them fixed.  The professionals at Speedy Plumbing are always there to help.  They even install hot water heater and do well pump repair.



Mobile App Needed

My cell phone means the world to me.  I do everything on it.  I call my parents; I text my friends; I read about global news all from the palm of my hand.

Any business without a mobile app or mobile-friendly website needs to get one.  I know the guys at Blue Label Hosting do mobile app development.  They are based out of Wilmington, NC, but they have clients all over the country.

They also do website design, which is crucial for anyone who wants to have a presence on the web.  And of course, you will also need web hosting.  Blue Label Hosting does it all.  They even do seo and branding as well.


My Attic Was Too Hot

     I have been looking for this old hat I love, and I can’t find it anywhere.  I checked in the downstairs closet and the garage…Then, it hit me.  It’s up in the attic!
     I, like many people I assume, don’t like going in my attic.  It’s dusty and hot as can be up there.  It also smells funny.  But interestingly, we recently put radiant barrier insulation up in our attic, and it was still dusty, but it wasn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be.  I guess that radiant barrier must be working!
     I would recommend radiant barrier insulation from the guys at All About Energy Solutions.  Not only can they help keep your attic and house cooler, they can install LED lighting too.
well pump haiti

Well Pump and Haiti

When I was in Haiti on a mission trip, the center of town was the well pump. The ladies gathered around it, and the men came dripping in sweat to it during the working hours. If the pump were to go down, who would do the well pump repair? The town would be lost without its water source.

Well, the guys at Speedy Plumbing aren’t in Haiti, but they are some of the best plumber Leland and plumber Brunswick county around. They know how to fix hot water heaters and plumbing Wilmington in general. If I ever need a plumber, I’m calling Speedy Plumbing.

Calendar - Tax Day Circled

Worry Free Tax Season

The last day to file your taxes if you have an extension is coming fast!  October 15th is just around the corner.  What should you do if you haven’t gotten things squared away yet?

It’s time you find an accountant Wilmington and an accountant Leland to help you get your affairs in order.  They can do taxes Wilmington and taxes Leland so that you can rest your head at night with no worries.

And don’t forget that at RJB Tax Associates, they also do payroll Wilmington.

So if you are in need of tax or payroll help, call RJB Tax Associates and they can help you to be worry free.

mobile apps

I Need a Mobile App to go with My Website!

Until this very moment, I haven’t sat down at a computer in days.  Of course I’ve been on the internet, but I’ve been using my phone to do everything.  That is why any company who has website hosting and website design, also needs mobile app development.  People just don’t use computers as much these days as they use their phones and tablets to do everything.

Any company that has invested in their branding and seo has to know the value of having a mobile site.  This is where people will find you quick and on the run. So don’t delay, contact Blue Label Hosting today.