Love Innovation

I like to bike around my town instead of drive.  The wind in my face and the exercise is well worth the effort.  The only problem is, when it gets dark, it gets dangerous.  I found the coolest thing the other day though.  It’s a wool hat with led lighting on the front.  It’s bright too.  You can really see where you are going when you have it on.

The hat got me thinking about led lighting in general.  It’s such a great product and has really transformed the lighting industry.  There is a company called All About Energy Solutions that specializes in led lighting, and I intend to call them to find out more.  I heard about them from a friend who got radiant barrier insulation in her attic.

Who Would Have Thought?

Never in my life did I think I would leave the north.  I love the seasons, and that’s where all my family and friends live.  But as I got older, I just didn’t like the cold, and I realized I really wanted to live in a vacation destination.

That’s why I called Coastal Select Properties to show me around southeastern North Carolina.  My realtor showed me the coolest homes for sale wilmington nc, as well as beautiful masonboro nc real estate.  But I have to say, my favorite of all was carolina beach property for sale.  I liked the laid back vibe much better than Wrightsville beach.

Independent Contracting Rocks

We hired a new graphic designer at work, and I really hope he succeeds.  He is a very nice guy and knows a great deal about website design, and even has some skills in mobile app development.

I told him I do seo work for a web hosting company in Wilmington, NC called Blue Label Hosting.  Perhaps if he wants to freelance, they might be able to hire him on a contractual basis.  I want to get more involved there too because they have some really exciting projects that involve creative writing and branding.  Maybe in time…

One Day Soon

I met a realtor last night at a cocktail party downtown.  She works for Coastal Select Properties and sells many houses.  She said her favorites homes to sell are masonboro nc real estate and carolina beach property for sale.  I suppose because they are on the water.

More of her business comes from homes for sale wilmington nc though.  There are a lot of northerners moving to this area because it is warmer and less expensive than up north.  I told her I would love to buy a new house in the not so distance future so she gave me her card.

Does SEO Work?

I am so excited!  I have been using Blue Label Hosting as my web hosting company for years, but today I realized that they do much more than web hosting.  They also specialize in website design and mobile app development.  In addition to that, they offer branding services and seo.

I want my website to get more hits everyday because I think that will increase sales for my small business.  I spoke with a project manager, and she recommended I hire them to write three blogs for me a week using key words linked to various pages on my site.  I am going to do it and see if it works to my advantage.

Parents In Town

Last weekend, my parents came in town to visit me in my new home.  I was so excited!  This was the first house I had ever owned, and I wanted them to like it and be proud of me.  When they came in though, a bad thing happened…plumbing wilmington problems!

Luckily, it wasn’t the toilet, but it was the hot water heater.  That meant no cold showers for mom!  Dad didn’t care, but mom did.  I called Speedy Plumbing the moment I realized because they are the fastest plumber leland and plumber brunswick county.  They did well pump repair once at a friend’s house and that’s how I knew about them.

Starting From Scratch

I am sick of my house, and I want to build a new one.  In order to do all of the renovations I want, I might as well just build something from scratch because it would cost a fortune.  My plumbing is bad; the rooms are too small; the whole attic needs to be gutted and redone.

I’m almost positive I am going to build a new house, and in it, I want to put radiant barrier insulation, led lighting, and the pipes on the market.  I want my next house to last for generations.  I am going to call All About Energy Solutions and bring them in on the design from day one.

Use a Professional

When I want to get something done, I go to the experts.  I’m not wasting my time trying to learn how to do something that will take me five times as long and won’t be as good as an expert.  This is especially true when it comes to technology.

I don’t understand those people who try to save a buck by designing their own website.  Websites are super important.  A professional is needed.  I recommend the web hosting company Blue Label Hosting to my friends in North Carolina who need website design.  They also do mobile app development.  And if you need marketing help, they do seo and branding as well.

I Can Do This!

I am good at pretty much everything I try.  I am good at sports and art, at cooking and cleaning, at raising children and keeping my husband happy.  The one thing I can’t seem to get a handle on though is how to sell wine.

Sell wine is this weird habit I picked up years ago in college.  I needed money and rare wines for sale make a lot of it.  Sell wine collection is harder than selling a single bottle, but I try to do that as much as possible.  If you want me to sell your wine, just let me know!  Even though I’m not great, Wine-Liquidators has been teaching me a few things, and I am getting better.

Jealous Again

I have a friend who I am so jealous of.  We grew up together in the corn fields of the midwest.  Our Friday night were all about big trucks and dirt roads.  We loved the country as kids, but when Carrie turned 18, she left town and never looked back.  I stayed in our hometown and married my high school sweetheart.

Carrie went on to a very successful career in New York City, and I didn’t even go to college.  Now, she is retiring and looking for homes for sale wilmington nc.  She loves the beach so much so the people at Coastal Select Properties are also showing her carolina beach property for sale and masonboro nc real estate.