Tax Season Rocks!

I met this crazy accountant last night. He told me how he makes enough money from January to April so that he doesn’t even have to work the rest of the year. He said tax season is an awesome payday!  That must be nice.  I have to work six days a week all year long just to get by…

I like the accountant Leland and accountant Wilmington over at RJB Tax Associates. They know taxes Leland and taxes Wilmington like the back of their hands. They also do payroll Wilmington so if you have any of those needs, check them out. I highly recommend them.

Great Returns

It’s hard to find people you can trust sometimes.  I thought I had the best, most trustworthy friend in the world, and she ended up stealing my boyfriend away from me.  After getting slapped in the face once, it’s hard not to have the same reaction again and again.

I need an accountant leland and accountant wilmington I can trust.  I need someone who can do my taxes leland and taxes wilmington, and someone who can get me the most money back because I definitely need a strong return.

RJB Tax Associates is a great firm that does quality work.  They even do payroll wilmington if you need that.

Love Direct Deposit

I recently started a new job, and it has been awesome because they offer direct deposit.  No more worrying about depositing checks and going to the bank.  I just wake up on Friday morning, and it is in my account.  The woman in charge of payroll wilmington at my company is really sweet and well organized.

She said she uses RJB Tax Associates to help with payroll.  They are a great accountant leland and accountant wilmington.  I think I will use them for my taxes leland and taxes wilmington when it comes time.  A professional company like RJB Tax Associates will certainly make sure I get the best return possible.



Wine Auctioneer

I recently met an auctioneer whose main job was to sell wine collection.   People would find him and ask him to sell wine.  He did some advertising, but you can’t imagine how many people have rare wines for sale that need help.

I said I had no idea how to sell wine, and he said it wasn’t that difficult.  You just had to be good at research and want to help people.  He wondered if he could sell your wine, but I said, “No.”  I’m not in the marketing.  If so, I would probably call Wine-Liquidators anyway.  I hear they are the best.


Tax Wizard

My best friend is a wiz at Quickbooks.  She can navigate that program like nobody’s business.  When I get all confused about how to do something simple, I call her.

She is an accountant leland and accountant wilmington.  She does taxes leland and taxes wilmington for many people that we know.  She works for RJB Tax Associates, and in her free time, she freelances.

One of her favorite parts of the job is payroll wilmington.  She likes making sure that people get paid the correct amount and on time.  However, every once and a while there is a mistake made, and boy oh boy, is there hell to pay.  She is very careful when it comes to payroll.

Keeping Up With Well Pump Repair

My parents have a well pump at their home in the country, and it is always problematic.  It will be fine for months, and then, just when everything else is going crazy, it breaks.  Therefore, it’s very important for them to have a good plumbing Wilmington company that can be there whenever they need them.

We have found that Speedy Plumbing is always there for us with our well pump repair needs.  They are the best plumber Leland and plumber Brunswick county in the area.  We just have had no problems with them whatsoever.  They also do hot water heater installation.  Call them today!

Christmas Tree Crisis

Oh no!  I’m having a Christmas crisis.  I went and bought my tree, making sure it was fresh off the truck so all the needles didn’t fall off.  I got it in the straight in the stand, which was no small miracle.  And then, I put the lights on, the garland on and the ornaments on.

Well, what do you know?  Half the lights burned out on the tree just after I hung the last bulb!  I can’t believe it.  Now I am going to have to take everything off and start all over.  This time though, I’m going to buy better lights, LED lights, that will last a long, long time.

The guys over at All About Energy Solutions know all about LED lighting.  They also know about radiant barrier insulation.  If I have any questions, I am going to call them.

The One Thing I Know

My friends think I’m a man of mystery.  They think I know all the secrets and have everything figured out.  Don’t tell them, but boy do I have them fooled!  I don’t know anything.  I clueless about most things really.

The one thing I have chosen to learn more about is how to sell wine.  I love sell wine because when you sell your wine, you are selling something people want.  You are selling something people collect:  rare wines for sale.  It is a beautiful thing when someone decides to sell wine collection.  It is a gift to the world.  Thank you Wine-Liquidators for helping us out.

Web Design Needed

     I love the website ThisIsWhyImBroke.Com.  Not only does it have awesome products on there, but I like the website design.  The three columns and square pictures are a thing of perfection to my eyes. 
I need to find someone who can not only design me a cool site like that, but also provide me with web hosting and mobile app development.  I want this site to look just as cool on a cell phone as it does on a computer.
     I’m going to call Blue Label Hosting, who does those things and even seo and branding.  I think they can help me out.

I’m Dating a Plumber

     I am always on the search for hot men.  That is pretty much my only criteria-that they are attractive.  They can be a ditch digger or a banker, a handyman or a CEO.  Recently, I met a plumber who is very hot.  I definitely don’t mind that he is a plumber.
He told me that there are so many plumber Leland and plumber Brunswick county in the area that he doesn’t get enough work.  That turned me off a little bit, but he was still so hot.  I hoped he had money for our date.
     When I asked him what kind of work he did, he said he specialized in hot water heater installation and well pump repair.  I guess the plumbing Wilmington is pretty good overall.  Still, I’d rather just date this guy and call Speedy Plumbing for the rest!